Exquisite Handcrafted Jewelry Since 1943


Jack Basch started his career as a jewelry apprentice in Romania. He was fascinated by the way his mentor engraved monograms on rings. Jack began to practice drawing monograms on pieces of cardboard.

As he grew older he continued to grow not only as a skilled artist but as a fine jeweler.

At the age of 13 Jack was shipped off to Israel and at 23 he packed his bags and journeyed to the United States. After a few years of working in a jewelry factory and washing windows, Jack was able to earn and set aside enough money to start Basch & Co. Designers and Manufacturers of Fine Monogram Jewelry. That was in 1958.

Jack2By 1985 Michael Basch (Jack’s Son) had taken charge of the business.  In 2007, Michael & his wife Jane launched Jane Basch Jewelry, an upscale brand which combines the classic hand made artistry of days gone by and modern fashion. These inspired pieces are showcased in this site.

Today Jack Basch still plays a major part in the preservation of the fine art of jewelry manufacturing by hand drawing all of the monograms that are made in the Basch family’s Hollywood,Florida factory.



Meet the Woman behind the Brand

Jane1Jane Basch has been designing in the fashion and jewelry industry for 30 years.

Her vision and insight into the fashion world has led her to develop Jane Basch Jewelry Design, specializing in personalized jewelry.

The philosophy behind every Jane Basch design expresses delicate femininity, bringing generations of women closer together with their own personal touch.

Jane2Jane aligns her views on today’s ideal woman with each piece portraying a woman’s ever-evolving sense of style and self with personalized jewelry.  Every piece created by Jane Basch is designed with purpose and meaning.

Her success is based on her philosophy that jewelry should be fun, whimsical and a reflection of the beauty within each and every person that wears the Jane Basch Jewelry brand.

Jane Basch Makes It Personal…